We are looking to support neighborhood groups and residents that have a vision for a park improvement project in their community. We prioritize groups of three or more individuals who are diverse, inclusive, and represent the neighborhood surrounding the park. A defined budget and some established financial support is a plus.

All projects must meet our Project Selection Criteria and the map below provides guidance as to the neighborhoods we focus on. While we recognize the essential need for park programming and education, the Community Grant Program does not currently fund programming or events.

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Application & Grant Selection Process:

Step One: Introduce Your Project

Please schedule a 15-30 minute meeting with a Denver Park Trust staff member before submitting your application to make sure your project is a good fit, and to help us better identify areas where can support your efforts. Please schedule your meeting here.

Step Two: Submit Grant Application

If your project is in line with the Denver Park Trust’s project selection criteria, please complete the application below and provide us with:

  • The location of the park or park project.
  • A brief summary of your project.
  • Any steps you’ve taken to date toward completing your project.
  • A budget, if applicable, and the amount of funding you are requesting.

Step Three: Review Process

All grants requests will be submitted to the Denver Park Trust Board of Directors for approval. This process can take 8-10 weeks.

Step Four: Funds Awarded

If your grant is approved, the awarded amount will be kept in a fund that is maintained and managed by the Denver Park Trust. Payments can be made from your account to city-approved vendors, Denver Parks and Recreation, or for other associated costs as long as they are approved by the grantee and Denver Park Trust. Grantees are allowed to add additional funds to their Denver Park Trust account beyond what was granted to them for a 3% administration fee. If there are excess funds at the completion of your project, they can be re-allocated to an approved project, transferred to a city-run maintenance fund, or donated to the Denver Park Trust.

Community Grant Application Form


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