Memorialize a lost loved one, honor a special occasion, friendship or family member, or simply recognize a secluded spot in your favorite park. Whatever your reason, the commemorative bench program lets you own a little slice of scenic Denver. Your tax deductible $2,500 donation will result in a ten-year bench plaque, and will help grow and improve Denver’s park system.

Important Information:

  • You may only commemorate existing, ribbon style (see picture above) benches. You may select a bench in any park in the city and county of Denver as long as it is not already commemorated, is undamaged, and suitable for reconditioning. We cannot commemorate backless benches.
  • At this time there are no available benches in Washington Park, McWilliams Park or Cranmer Park.
  • Benches that are commemorated are the property of the city and county of Denver, and are maintained to the best extent possible.
  • Denver Parks and Recreation maintains the right to relocate a plaque as needed, but the plaque will remain in the same park and as close as possible to the previous location.
  • The lifespan of the commemoration is ten years, after which time you will have the option to renew or remove your plaque.
  • If anything happens to the bench or plaque during that time, Denver Parks and Recreation will restore or replace the plaque or the bench if needed. After ten years, you may choose to re-commemorate the bench for another term.

Process at a Glance:

  • Fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out with specific questions.
  • You and The Denver Park Trust will work together to find the right bench in the park of your choice.
  • You will make your donation via credit card or by check made out to “Denver Park Trust” and mailed to PO Box 102325, Denver, CO 80250.
  • You will submit text for the plaque to the Denver Park Trust. Plaque text precludes advertising and is subject to approval.
  • The Denver Park Trust will order your plaque and coordinate installation on the bench.
  • The plaque company will confirm a successful installation with a photograph that is shared with you by the Denver Park Trust.


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