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The Pollinator Trail will launch with gardens at:

  • Parks – Argo Park and Globeville Landing Park in the Globeville neighborhood, and Stout Street Children’s Park and Sonny Lawson Park in Curtis Park/Five Points.
  • Businesses – Two businesses in the Golden Triangle.
  • Residences – One home in the Globeville, one home in Elyria-Swansea, and one home in Curtis Park.

The Pollinator Trail is a Denver Park Trust-led initiative to restore native landscapes throughout Denver, providing resilient habitats where nature can thrive.

With one third of our food supply originating from pollinators, creating a safe haven for birds, bees, bats, and butterflies is critical to a thriving city.

Designed as a public-private partnership, The Pollinator Trail is a city-wide effort to combat climate change, improve biodiversity, and reduce the heat island effect.

“Stops” on the trail can be found in parks, at local businesses, and in the backyards and on apartment patios of residents committed to doing their part to make Denver more resilient.

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