Funding New Denver Parks

Our mission is to add new parks in historically underserved neighborhoods. Ten percent of all unrestricted donations are set aside in The Park Fund and used to acquire land for new parks in communities that lack access to high-quality public green space. To date, we made the following impact:

  • The Park Fund: $145,000 raised for a future new parks.
  • New park project in progress: New park and mobility trial in Sunnyside.

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Funding Community-led Initiatives

Through our Community Grant Program, we partner with community members to enhance park space in a thoughtful, equitable, and sustainable way. The program awards up to $5,000 and support for community-led, small-scale, high-impact, park improvement projects and initiatives. To date, we made the following impact:

  • Community Grant Program: $100,000 raised for a community-led park projects.
  • Six grants awarded. Three projects completed and three projects in progress.

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Funding Denver Park Improvements

We raise money for large capital projects like playgrounds, walking trails, and skateparks. All projects are aligned with Game Plan for a Healthy City, Denver Park and Recreation’s 20 year strategic plan and its 2022 Equity Index. To date, we made the following impact:

  • Capital projects completed: $150,000 for a new playground at St. Charles Place Park.
  • Capital projects in progress: Private Joe P. Martinez Memorial in Martinez Park.

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Promoting Resiliency & Stewardship

Through Parks, Rivers, Trails & Trees, volunteer cleanups for communities and businesses, and The Pollinator Trail, we promote collective care of our shared public spaces. To date, we made the following impact:

  • Parks Rivers, Trails & Trees, an annual city-wide volunteer park cleanup and community celebration activating 250-300 volunteers.
  • 18 individual community and corporate park cleanups, activating more than 500 volunteers.
  • The Pollinator Trail, a public-private initiative to restore native landscapes in parks, businesses, and residences.

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Supporting Denver Parks and Recreation

As Denver Parks and Recreation’s official nonprofit, the Denver Park Trust administers the department’s Commemorative Bench Program and accepts donations on its behalf. To date, we made the following impact:

  • $48,600 in funding generated for Denver Parks and Recreation from the Commemorative Bench Program.
  • $120,500 in private donations transferred to Denver Parks and Recreation for park improvement projects.

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