About the Pollinator Trail

A public-private partnership to promote resilience, The Pollinator Trail highlights native habitats in Denver parks and supports residents and businesses in their efforts to add native plants and pollinators on their properties.
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Registration is free and will add your residence or business on the trail map (link to map), in the general location of your address. Your specific address will NOT appear anywhere.

Register using the form below:

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Would you like to add a Pollinator Trail sign to your garden?
Show your neighbors and friends your commitment to tackling climate change as a stop on The Pollinator Trail with a 4” x 42” composite sign that can be added to your garden or yard. Only $58, signs may be ordered through our donate page. Please be sure to write “The Pollinator Trail” in the memo field. If you select YES, you will be redirected to the donation page upon submitting this form.

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